Rossmore Care Home

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To all staff, thank you so much for all your kindness, care and attention you gave our father whilst he was in your care at Rossmore. You not only brought him his medication every day, you also reassured him about his health and listened to his stories, which brought him great delight.

Each and every one of you are fantastic in all you do, with positive words, motivation and extended care in the community you have so kindly arranged. Our father continues to make fantastic progress at home, you are really an amazing bunch. - Relatives Comments

Safe and comfortable environment

Providing a safe, stable and comfortable environment is at the top of our agenda, aiming for a homely and welcoming atmosphere. Upholding resident's dignity, privacy, confidentiality and independence is our priority.

Standards and Training

Our team of staff are provided with in-house training and are also encouraged to participate in a National Vocational Qualification in Care (NVQ).

Intermediate care

Short time rehabilitation service is provided with health and social professionals, working together to support the client due to illness or injury. Gaining the clients independence back by encouraging the client to help and care for themselves where possible.

Catering for all

Rossmore provides care for physically disabled, medical elderly and respite care.

Our excellent home cooking caters for special dietary requirements, providing nutritious meals with extremely high levels of food hygiene.

When assessing clients, prior to admission, a Care programme is tailored to each individual.

Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

The Stroke Rehabilitation Unit is operated as a separate facility on behalf of City Health Care partnership it is adjacent to the main building.

We take clients direct from the hospital where they undertake a short period of rehabilitation. The unit has a functional kitchen, separate dining area and therapy room which is used by various therapist to carry out their therapy sessions. The day unit is furnished in a non-clinical way in order for the clients to gain maximum benefits of practicing activities of daily living.